National Sponsors

These conferences are supported in part by the National Science Foundation (PHY-1622510) and by the Department of Energy Office of Science (DE-SC0011076). Further details are available on the APS conference website.



Local Sponsors

Our local sponsors include: Office of the ProvostOffice of Graduate StudiesCollege of Liberal Arts and SciencesSchool of Engineering, Madison & Lila Self Graduate FellowshipDepartment of Physics & Astronomy, American Astronomical SocietyFundamental Technologies, Inc., and Case Western Reserve University Physics Department


We are also grateful for the financial support provided by the following individuals: Ayman Al-Bataineh, Lewis Bartel, John Clune, Hannah Fakhouri, Frank Flink, Timothy & Michelle Leonard-Duman, Vaughn Nelson, Peter Trump, and our Anonymous Donors.

Anonymous Notes of Gratitude from 2018 KU CUWiP Participants

Thank you for hosting CUWiP 2018! It was fantastic and memorable!

Thank you once again for organising the conference - it was an absolute pleasure attending and learning about opportunities to explore what I want my next steps in my education to be. It was pulled of [sic] so well and I hope to be able to attend other such events in the near future.

Also, thank you and all the other people who organized the conference. It was the first conference I went to and I had a great time. All of you were very friendly and helpful. I really felt welcomed by everyone and the conference also encouraged me to continue in the physics field. Thank you so much again!​

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who was involved in putting on the conference this weekend. The opportunity to meet other students and to be inspired by all the women who have gone ahead of us in physics was invaluable. I gained both knowledge and confidence from the sessions I attended and interactions I had with peers and mentors. Thank you for fostering such a welcoming environment for learning and collaboration, the overall experience made a big impact on my outlook and what I learned will benefit me for years to come. Thank you all so much for your hard work!​

Thank you again for all your efforts in making KUCUWiP a fantastic experience.

Also, I wanted to say thank you to all of the organizers of this amazing conference. Going to this conference was an amazing opportunity that I will never forget. Words are not enough to express how thankful I am.

Finally, from an attendee who presented during the Poster Session: Thank you so much for getting this feedback to me! The judges were all very supportive and helpful.​


Thanks to Paige Drummond, KU Department of Design student, for our conference poster design/theme.

Thanks to Chris Tucker for designing the placards featuring the women in physics, astronomy, mathematics, and engineering that were used to denote the table assignments during conference meals.

Thanks to Mindy Townsend for doing the research on the women who were featured on our table placards.

Thanks to Joel Sauerwein and Kayla Wegley for all of their support and for stepping in to help beyond their regular job duties.

Thanks to our volunteers for their hours of work prior to and during the conference:

Barbara Anthony-Twarog Azmi Azahari Phil Baringer Alice Bean Jenn Cooper
Jennifer Delgado Chris Fischer Bibek Gautam Carin Gavin Samar Ghopry
Eilish Gibson Hannah Gibson Tika Kafle Tim Raben Sarah LeGresley Rush
Greg Rudnick Erich Schmitz Jack Shi Anastasiya Skvortsova Daniel Tapia Takaki
Mindy Townsend Bruce Twarog Yuyu Wang Zachary Warner Judy Wu

Finally, thanks to our Local Organizing Committee for proposing, planning, and carrying out this conference:

Barbara Anthony-Twarog Alice Bean Phil Baringer Karen Camarda Jenn Cooper
Jennifer Delgado Nancy Donaldson Alex Erwin Hume Feldman Madeline Field
Carin Gavin Eilish Gibson Hannah Gibson Dea Greenhoot Melissa King
Sarah LeGresley Rush Billie Lubis Emma Ralston Kristin Rennells Greg Rudnick
Ellie Sayre Christina Schoenrogge Anastasiya Skvortsova Jessica Stockham Teresa Symons
Mindy Townsend Lynn Villafuerte Yuyu Wang Judy Wu Chi Zhang


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